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A Yule log is quite literally a giant log that is burnt during the 12 days of Christmas. Christmas was first recognized in the US in The first state being Alabama and the last was Oklahoma in Franklin Pierce, the 14 th president of the US, was the first to place a Christmas tree in the White house in In , the record was set for the fastest time to decorate a Christmas tree. It took Sharon Juantuah Many believe that Christmas is a time with high suicide rates but the real facts show spring is the worst.

During the Nazi-era, Hitler tried to turn Christmas into a non-religious holiday celebrating Hitler and Christmas trees were donned with swastikas. Christmas tinsel was initially made of lead until the US government persuaded manufacturers to change it to plastic. For an artificial tree to be more environmentally greener than a fresh tree, you would need to use it for 20 years. A middle age tradition is to eat a mince pie every day of the twelve days of Christmas as it supposedly gives you 12 months of good luck. In Columbia in , the government covered jungle trees in lights so that when guerrillas got near the lights would illuminate and banners appeared asking them to drop their weapons and reveal themselves.

In America, during , Puritans banned Christmas with a fine of 5 shillings for each offense. The most expensive Christmas tree was constructed in It had pieces of jewelry adorning it.

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The card was given as a Christmas gift. The origin of the name Santa Claus has a convoluted tree. The candy cane at Christmas originates years ago in Germany as straight white sticks. How the Welkin rings!

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Welkin meaning Heaven. In , Canada sent a Christmas tree to Boston to show their appreciation for their help in the Halifax explosion. This gesture has been continued in recent times.

There is a debate that we actually give gifts at Christmas to commemorate the Pagan tradition of gifting the gods, not the three wise men. Some zoos around the world take Christmas trees that are donated to feed their animals.

In Japan there is a tradition, thanks to a year-old marketing campaign, KFC is consumed by the vast majority of the population on Christmas Eve. Dickens lived during a mini ice-age which meant every Christmas it snowed for 8 years straight. The Rockefeller Christmas tree is topped, as of , with a pound Calennig is a welsh tradition, like carolling, where children would go round houses singing with an ornate apple. The tradition of Christmas crackers comes from an old French custom of giving gifts of paper-wrapped sugared almonds.

Turkey replaced Swan on the Christmas menu of the Royals in Messiah is a well-known oratorio particularly at Christmas. Boxing Day is also celebrated as St. In UK churches, the largest church bell is rang an hour before midnight, at midnight all others are rang in celebration. Since , real Christmas tree sales have plummeted below that of artificial trees. On Christmas Day , there were 6.

In , 1. The traditional Christmas Eve meal in Armenia is a portion of fried fish, some lettuce and spinach.

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Above are some of the more eccentric Christmas traditions and some interesting origin stories whilst also being speckled like a Christmas pudding with mind-blowing facts to amuse anyone this holiday period. The two were sketched in front of a Christmas tree and the tradition instantly became popular.

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Royal fever was real even back then. The well-known reason we give presents at Christmas is to symbolize the gifts given to baby Jesus by the three wise men. But it may also stem from the Saturnalia tradition that required revelers to offer up rituals to the gods. Because of its roots in pagan festivals, Christmas was not immediately accepted by the religious.

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In fact, from to , it was illegal to celebrate Christmas in Boston. You were fined if you were caught celebrating. Santa Claus comes from St. Nicholas, a Christian bishop living in what is now Turkey in the fourth century AD. Nicholas had inherited a great deal of wealth and was known for giving it away to help the needy. When sainted, he became the protector of children. After his death, the legend of St. Nicholas spread.

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Which is only a hop, skip, and jump to Santa Claus. Children would leave shoes out the night before and, in the morning, would find little gifts that St. Nicholas would leave them. One night, St. One of the reasons we leave milk and cookies for Santa is because Dutch kids would leave food and drink for St. Nicholas on his feast day. The look of Santa Claus we have today was created at an meeting of the New York Historical Society, where member John Pintard handed out wooden cutouts of jolly old St.

Nick in front of stockings filled with toys. Though Santa Claus has worn blue and white and green in the past, his traditional red suit came from a s ad by Coca Cola.