Cold Pursuit (Mills & Boon M&B) (A Black Falls Novel, Book 1)

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The Ireland Series Complete Collection. The Uneven Score.

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Echo Lake. On the Run. The Complete Carriage House Collection. Suspense on the Edge of Romance Collection. Stonebrook Cottage. Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan are enjoying the final day of their Irish honeymoon when a break-in at the home of Emma's grandfather, a renowned art collector, points to Oliver. Emma and Colin are desperate to question him, but when they arrive at York's country home, a man is dead and Oliver has vanished.

As the danger mounts, new questions arise about Oliver's account of his boyhood trauma. Do Emma and Colin dare trust him? With the trail leading beyond Oliver's small village to Ireland, Scotland and their own turf in the United States, the stakes are high, and Emma and Colin must unravel the decades-old tangle of secrets and lies before a killer strikes again. New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers delivers the gripping, suspense-filled tale readers have been waiting for.

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Skriv anmeldelse. Betal med gavekort her. Skip to content Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Sudden Danger. Sharon Sala. Name That Book cont. Part II.

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Cold Pursuit? Robyn Donald. Hardback Editions. Shannyn Schroeder. Midnight Sun. Oh, also, she was in love with some guy, and the first book cover was in pink and the second in lilac, I guess. If you know the name of the book please tell me, I am dying to know!! All I remember is the cover Submitted by Beth not verified on February 24, - am.

All I remember is the cover is of a young teen girl with long lashes and she is pouting her lips which are bright pink. It's a bright cover. If you could help.. The story started with a boy who was upset with his life And suddenly one day finds a magical stone green colour and its power changed his life.

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Then the story brought many people who found different pieces of stone and all were struggling. The teenage boy ran in the woods because some people were searching him. I don't remember how but everybody met each other one by one. Then they spent so much Time in woods. One of them had the knowledge of forests and biological things.

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One girl worked in a salon and was really exhausted with the stone thing. One man was very old.

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And one more guy there was. But when they all knew what they have to do with the stone, they all essembled their stones. Aim was to save a drowning ship of armymen and they did it successfully and the stones were I think destroyed. And last chapter was like after 1 year he thought of the same powers. Please help me.

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This is making me desperate as hell. I want to read it again. Omg I ready this! Hey, I know this was like a year ago, but I've read this too lol. If you still haven't found the book, I think it's in my school library. I should be able to check the title and author for you tomorrow :. I think you're thinking of Submitted by Chris William not verified on June 22, - am. I think you're thinking of Deltora Quest by Emily Rodda.

If you are, there's also an anime based on it. In the early 70s I read a book called Clone or Cloned. I don't know the author. It states that in the 60s a cloned child was born in Africa whose existence was to one day rule world government or something similar. I am very interested in rereading it. Do you know this book? Two different people had borrowed the book from the library and were writing each other messages, trying to solve a mystery about the book.

A regency book Submitted by Roxanne not verified on March 2, - pm. I read this book when I was 17 it's about a soldier who came home and married a girl it was an arrange marriage. The girl was plus size and ashamed because her cousins use to tease her. She brought a wedding dress that was too small, she had to wrap herself with cloths to fit in it when in the church and she was about to kiss her husband she fainted. Back at her house while taking part in the wedding feast her dress split. The wedding night she was so self-conscious while trying to light the candle she set the curtains on fire.

When she went to live with her husband some one keeps trying to kill her turns out it was her husband cousin who wanted to marry him and was jealous of her. The perfect wife by Lynsay Submitted by Guest not verified on April 9, - am. The perfect wife by Lynsay sands. They eventually go through to the capital of this place and see the government trying to fight these creatures that used to be people and I remember specifically one of the main characters say they destroy buildings and go for the government building first always.

I remember there was like a hologram or something of the creator of the machine the main character talks to and they eventually get on a boat to escape the island. That sounds really familiar, Submitted by Lindsey not verified on January 26, - am. That sounds really familiar, was one of the central characters a cyborg with wings who found a dead seabird? And the device let them Was it Storm Thief by Chris Wooding? No its called all rivers flow Submitted by Brayden Durdle not verified on May 22, - pm.

No its called all rivers flow to the sea. I'm looking for a book about Submitted by Guest not verified on February 25, - am. I'm looking for a book about a girl who is riding her bike and gets hit by a car and gets killed and goes up to heaven. Reply to someone looking for a certain book Submitted by Kathleen Pritchett not verified on July 14, - pm. The main character is killed while going to the mall.

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She then is sent to heaven, given a job, and meets many wonderful people. However, the gist is that she is growing younger each day until she is a baby and reborn. We had a reference patron who is looking for a book she read in The book is about two best friends. One died, and the living one crawls through a hole in a tree and finds his best friend in the afterlife.

The best friend tells the living friend he can stay with him if he wants, but he is going to have to die. He tells him the ways he could die based off a red book short term death and a black book long term death. The boy decides to wait until he is older to die based on the information from the black book. The patron says it's around a 5th grade reading level and that a tree was on the cover. She also thought the black book may somehow be in the title.