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Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Braun Future Operating Room B. D Battle Armor Division B. Lock B. Trip Beat Bit. Trip Core Bit. Trip Fate Bit. Trip Flux Bit. Trip Presents Trip Runner Bit. Bomb U! Build 'n Bump Build a Bridge! Burn, Clown, Burn! Kane C. Cats Tanks Cats! Train Rides! Cook, Serve, Delicious! Cookies vs. Trouble Guy D. Zombie Zone D. Y Drone Simulator D. Age D. The restaurant lobbying industry has sought these types of changes for some time.

By doing this, restaurant owners are potentially able to compensate food staff non-tip earners with lower salaries. The DOL, in their proposal, even acknowledges that the new rule will result in tipped employees spending more time on lower-paying duties:. Employers will gain from the situation and may be able to provide lower salaries to non-tip earners, offsetting the loss with tip income.

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The proposal should become final in about 6 weeks and could have some changes in the final version. However, if a new administration comes in, the tip-pooling policy could potentially change once again. Arlington is understood to be well behind D. Broad Street ranked as No. Other Arlington barbecue spots not in the top 10 list include Smoking Kow N. Fern Street and Rocklands Washington Blvd. The Memorial Bridge rehabilitation project is halfway complete.

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The bridge is back open today after a total closure over the weekend delayed from earlier this month that allowed crews to replace concrete support structures and panels, along with other work, on the southern side of the span. It took years to secure federal funding for the project, as warnings of the bridge crumbling and becoming unusable grew more dire.

Over the weekend, workers finished preparing the southside of the bridge for users and made changes to transition to the next phase of the rehabilitation project. The work included:. The total rehabilitation of Arlington Memorial Bridge began in fall and is on schedule. So far, workers have:.

Arlington Agenda is a listing of interesting events for the week ahead in Arlington County. Also, be sure to check out our event calendar. Walter Reed Drive Time: p.

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  • Bring your unwanted books to this book swap, where others will bring their least favorite novels to trade. Glebe Road Time: p. Learn about the possible mistakes that come with the first time you purchase a home at this seminar.

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    Topics covered include how to avoid double-paying a rent and mortgage, and how to properly calculate a budget. There will be a silent auction, delicious refreshments, holiday arrangements, and more. Time: p. The final design for the Jennie Dean Park renovation project, based on weeks of public input, will be revealed at this event. Continued feedback on the final design is welcome, as are children. This event carries on the legacy of Jenn Lawson, a local mother of three.

    Fillmore Street Time: 9 a.

    Restaurant quality Reggiano Parmesan will be available at a discount, with preorders available. This choose-your-adventure bike ride gives participants a map of suggested stores or items to locate.

    Monday, November 18

    Orme Street Time: p. Garfield Street Time: p. In addition, they will be honoring their first year as a brewing company with the release of a new beer. When operating on public sidewalks, the top speed of all the devices is restricted to six miles per hour. The devices will not be allowed to operate on sidewalks where a protected bicycle lane is available and may be prohibited from other sidewalks.

    Glebe Rd. Fulfilling my duties as a public servant take first priority for me and, while it is an honor to serve on the School Board, running a campaign while simultaneously fulfilling these responsibilities is not the best way for me to ensure our students have the future they deserve. Katie Cristol is a member of the Arlington County Board. Around Town. Community Post. By John V. Berry, Esq.

    The Cyber Chronicles, no. 2

    Difficulties With the New Tip-Pooling Rule A problematic part of the newly proposed rule would give employers newfound flexibility in assigning non-tipped assignments to workers who rely on gratuities for the major portion of their income. More on the construction progress so far, from NPS: Over the weekend, workers finished preparing the southside of the bridge for users and made changes to transition to the next phase of the rehabilitation project.

    Striping the southside of the bridge for drivers. Moving the poles that support overhead lights guiding drivers in three reversible lanes.