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Political reaction has been mixed, with the left leaning parties largely in favour, although Labour expressed some worries about the impact on fish farming communities. Norway is governed by a Conservative coalition, with some politicians on the right saying the proposals were already dead.

Beware the uncivil and spectacle politics of the EFF

Finance minister Siv Jensen said she would not comment at this time and planned to send the recommendations to a special government committee for further consideration. Political debate has been replaced by completely polarized vicious attacks on anyone from the opposing political party who does not share the same political viewpoint.

And now, our current speaker has moved from wanting to see President Trump impeached to wanting to see him in jail. So, what happens when our political system is reduced to nothing but schemes and tactics to make the opposing party look bad? Well, nothing good.

When we have members of Congress showing such disrespect to our president, blaming everyone else for everything that is wrong with our country and accepting absolutely no responsibility whatsoever for their own careless actions, it makes me want to cry. The total focus on impeaching President Trump and letting the business of our nation go untouched is setting us back.

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Having to get your political way, regardless of what it does to America and its population, is not what we need right now. They continue to waste time and resources pursuing this matter.

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No, of course not. However, everything that President Trump has done as our President is not percent wrong either. But, in listening to the national media, you would definitely think so.

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  • In fact, they want you to think that he is the biggest imbecile ever to come along. No positive coverage of our military rebuilding, no positive coverage of our foreign policy. And even if these things are mentioned with a minor deflective detour toward a positive comment, the coverage is extremely brief and there is always some negative connotation attached.

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    It has also been my honor to follow in the tradition of another Arizona conservative—and the founder of what we think of as the modern conservative movement—Barry Goldwater. Senator McCain might agree that Senator Goldwater has left some mighty big shoes to fill. I often wonder what Barry Goldwater would make of the current state of his party and of American politics more generally.

    I am confident that he would not be pleased or amused.

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    In the US and the UK, modern politics is always destructive, never constructive

    In , Senator Goldwater declared his conservative principles in the classic book that lends this modest work its name. There are specific powers granted to the government under the Constitution, and Goldwater was hard-pressed to find much of the modern welfare state in those enumerated powers. But the movement of men and nations financed by the central government can take on a Newtonian momentum all its own; it begins to seem inexorable.