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O Judah, what shall I do with you? Under the immediate pressure of rebuke, you express sorrow and feign reformation.

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But as soon as my back is turned, you are back to your old ways. After significant absences from worship they suddenly show up—with no explanation to the elders or anyone else as to where they have been. Sometimes they solicit prayers, but almost before their words cool off they are gone again, and the hopes of loving brethren once more are dashed on the shoals of discouragement. The same cycle is repeated over and over with the passing of the years.

Some appear never to have been converted.

O, they got baptized, but they never entered into a genuine contract with God to serve him permanently in exchange for the salvation of their souls. Some were converted initially, yet never realized the need to sink down roots and grow. Somehow they entertained the illusion that baptism is a one-way ticket to heaven that simply cannot be cancelled. Hence, they never fortified their souls with serious Bible study.

They frequently neglected worship attendance. They were easily offended and walked out in a huff at each little wound.

They never developed a close relationship with God or his people. Therefore I have hewn them as the prophets; I have slain them by the words of my mouth, and my judgment goes forth as the light. For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice, the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings Hos.

The prophets of the Lord had warned of coming judgment with words that are as cutting as an instrument of destruction. Men like Elijah, Elisha, Amos, and now Hosea have rebuked their spiritual superficiality.

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The words of God have inflicted mortal wounds. Note that the messages of the prophets ultimately are viewed as from the Lord. And as surely as the light of the sun goes forth with certain regularity Hos.

Morning Dew Lyrics

The song is a dialogue between the last man and woman left alive following an apocalyptic catastrophe: Dobson has stated that the initial inspiration for "Morning Dew" was the film On the Beach which is focused on the survivors of virtual global annihilation by nuclear holocaust. The actual writing of the song occurred in while Dobson was staying with a friend in Los Angeles: Dobson would recall how the guests at her friend's apartment were speculating about a nuclear war's aftermath and "after everyone went to bed, I sat up and suddenly I just started writing this song [although] I had never written [a song] in my life".

Dobson premiered "Morning Dew" in her set at the inaugural Mariposa Folk Festival that year with the song's first recorded version being on Dobson's At Folk City live album in Dobson would not record a studio version of the song until , that being for her Bonnie Dobson album.

Clear Mortifee invites listeners to fulfil the "Prophecy of the Morning Dew"

It was this version which introduced the song to Tim Rose who in recorded "Morning Dew" for his self-titled debut album after soliciting permission to revise the song with a resultant co-writing credit. Dobson agreed without having any intended revision specified and was subsequently much discomfited to learn that the sole lyrical revision in Rose's version was that the original line "Take me for a walk in the morning dew" became "Walk me out in the morning dew", a change already apparent in Fred Neil's recording of the song.

A kiss is the morning dew which stand up. Body is morning dew that shines to the rise of the hands.

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