Die Kultur der Migration - Kulturwissenschaftliche Zugänge: Frauen als Migrantinnen (German Edition)

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Prof. Dr. Margreth Lünenborg • Journalistik • Fachbereich Politik und Sozialwissenschaften

Simone Leisentritt. Pickup not available. The space of flaws — on the contradictions of integrated planning in a fragmented environment Carr, Constance ; Hesse, Markus Presentation , November.

Studie "Bildung, Milieu und Migration" - Interview mit Nazan Wagner

Caruso, Geoffrey Conference given outside the academic context Doing the energy transition. A multi-level approach to economic practices of biogas production Faller, Fabian Presentation , September Local transition paths to sustainability. Nachhaltige Regionalentwicklung durch energetische Regionalisierung Faller, Fabian Conference given outside the academic context Theorizing Borders Through Analyses of Power relationships.

Spatial effects and data aggregation in hedonic pricing Hedonic Multilevel Model for residential land in Luxembourg Glaesener, Marie-Line Presentation , September Paris versus Berlin. Image, urbanisme et tourisme. Decem Cities and flows: re-asserting a relationship as fundamental as it is delicate. Hesse, Markus in Journal of Transport Geography , Integration vs. Wachstum, Innovation, Metropolregionen. Arheoloogilised kaevamised Eestis — Li, Lisa Scientific Conference Optimal station localization for bicycle sharing system Medard de Chardon, Cyrille Scientific Conference , September Research on residential cross-border migration along the Luxembourgish-German border as well as along other German borders Nienaber, Birte Scientific Conference , February Is diversification of farm households still an option for integrated rural development?

Is migration a problem for EU member states? Paraschivescu, Claudia in Romanian Journal of Sociology Modelling dynamic urban structures and air pollution exposure Schindler, Mirjam Scientific Conference , September. On the impacts of transport policies and urban form on traffic-induced air pollution - a modelling system Schindler, Mirjam Scientific Conference , May.

Ruano, L. New York: Routledge. Wayessa, Gutu Olana Presentation , July We, you, the others.

Mapping Shia Muslim Communities in Europe

Individual profiles and migration trajectories of third country national cross-border workers the case of Luxembourg Baltes, Christel ; Besch, Sylvain ; Monteiro, Joaquim ; Sommarribas, Adolfo Report Profils individuels et trajectoires migratoires de travailleurs frontaliers ressortissants de pays tiers — le cas du Luxembourg Baltes, Christel ; Sommarribas, Adolfo ; Monteiro, Joaquim Report Theorien — Konzepte — Methoden. Not always as sexy as New York… Perceptions and representations of Luxembourg-City at the international level. Blondel, Cyril Scientific Conference , March Energetic Regionalisations as processes for the transition to renewable energies Faller, Fabian Scientific Conference , August Energetic Regionalisations: How the bioenergy sector creates spaces of action.

Conceptional thoughts and first observations in and around Luxembourg Faller, Fabian Presentation , June Energetische Regionalisierung. Rescaling the borderland: cross-border bioenergy production patterns facing spatial policies Faller, Fabian Scientific Conference , September Smart Transition to Renewable Energies?

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How do residential land consumers in Luxembourg value neighbourhood amenities: a spatial hedonic model Glaesener, Marie-Line Presentation , February Suburbaner Raum. Regionalisation processes as practices of borderisation. Paradoxes of the creative city. Contested territories and creative upgrading — the case of Berlin. Is the Mediterranean urban? New Geographies Mediterranean Ohne Rock mehr Geld?

Aufschwung durch die Energiewende.


Booming cities and cross-border migration to rural towns Nienaber, Birte Scientific Conference , August In der Fremde daheim? Regional Resilience through social capital as an instrument to sustain biodiversity Nienaber, Birte Scientific Conference , November International labour migration in European rural regions — The example of Saarland, Germany Nienaber, Birte ; Frys, Wioletta in European countryside , 1 , The European Union and the protection of the Roma minority in the fields of education and housing Paraschivescu, Claudia in Romanian Journal of Sociology Structure and determinants of urbanization change around Moscow, Pavlinova, Olga Doctoral thesis Kirchenbau im Les sciences du territoire en Allemagne.

Establishing identity for international protection: challenges and practices Sommarribas, Adolfo ; Koch, Anne ; Besch, Sylvain Report Les frontaliers au Luxembourg. Nous et les autres. Interkulturelle Arbeitswelten in Luxemburg.

The developmental state in ecological modernization and the politics of environmental framings: the case of Singapore and implications for East Asia Wong, Catherine in Nature and Culture , 7 1 , India's nuclear programme: Trust abroad but not at home Wong, Catherine Article for general public Blondel, Cyril Scientific Conference , February The institutionalisation of the Serbia-Croatia border from a local perspective: reinterpretations and real effects Blondel, Cyril Scientific Conference , April Sustainability Carr, Constance in Morris, A.

Encylopedia of Energy Analyses Economiques du Paysage Das Planungssystem Luxemburgs. Christmann, Nathalie Diverse speeches and writings Ideenskizze: nachhaltige Regionalentwicklung durch energetische Regionalisierung Faller, Fabian Presentation , September Nachhaltige Regionalentwicklung durch energetische Regionalisierung. Entwicklungspfade der und Regions re konstruktionen durch Bioenergieerzeugun Faller, Fabian Presentation , December Regional Governance und Strategieentwicklung. Placing dryports. Frys, Wioletta ; Nienaber, Birte in European countryside , 3 , Hedonic analysis using spatial-lag and quantile regression on property prices in Luxembourg Glaesener, Marie-Line Presentation Hedonic model of property prices in Luxembourg: Spatial and quantile regression approach Glaesener, Marie-Line Presentation , July.

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Hedonic model of residential land prices in Luxembourg: a spatial and quantile regression approach Glaesener, Marie-Line Presentation , July. Das Steinerne Berlin. Mapping textual data by keyword co-occurrence to determine subject-matter domains in geographical statistics Madeira, Nuno ; Caruso, Geoffrey Scientific Conference Cross-border migration as part of the European integration process Nienaber, Birte Scientific Conference , September Sustainable rural development and rural land use conflicts in the era of globalization Nienaber, Birte ; Frys, Wioletta ; Kriszan, Michel Scientific Conference , May Migration and integration in rural areas of Saarland, Germany, against the backdrop of demographic change Nienaber, Birte ; Roos, Ursula Scientific Conference , September Ville jordanienne, refuge palestinien Oesch, Lucas Article for general public How do the Romanians live the process of Transnationalism?

Canada and the UK Compared. How new technologies can be adapted and used to reach out to migrants. Paraschivescu, Claudia in Bottomline Importing Poverty? Etrangers familiers. Flexive Zonen. Luxemburg macht nicht immer eine gute Figur. Vertraute Fremde. Sozio-kulturelle Milieus in Luxemburg-Stadt. Exploring a campus in terms of urban integration and regional development Becker, Tom Scientific Conference , July. Border regions in the Balkans: places to renegotiate citizenships and identities? Blondel, Cyril Scientific Conference , June What role for planning in the Western Balkans?

Blondel, Cyril Scientific Conference , February. Density Carr, Constance in Robbins, P. Data mining in geographical contexts and texts Caruso, Geoffrey Presentation Country Report Austria. Application of the hedonic pricing method on land prices in Luxembourg Glaesener, Marie-Line Presentation , September. Mann Verlag Cities, material flows and the geography of spatial interaction. Urban places in the system of chains Hesse, Markus in Global Networks , 10 1 , The Luxembourg air freight-hub. Market niche development, supply chain-insertion, global positionality Hesse, Markus in Airports in Cities and Regions.

Research and Practice Mainport und Hinterland unter Druck. Resilient suburbs. Reurbanisierung oder Metropolisierung? Suburbs: the next slum? Explorations into the contested terrain of social construction and political discourse Hesse, Markus in Articulo : Journal of Urban Research , 3 , The City as a Terminal. Hesse, Markus in Rundbrief Geographie , , Vom hohen Ross auf die nordamerikanische Stadt.

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Wie kommen Themen in die Welt? North American Logistics. Global Logistics An agent-based model of residential patterns and social structure in urban areas. Nienaber, Birte Conference given outside the academic context International Conference: Doing Identity in Luxemburg. La perception des travailleurs frontaliers dans les milieux socio-culturels du Luxembourg Wille, Christian Scientific Conference , September.

Fit human life and capitalism to Nature Wong, Catherine Article for general public May Cross-Border planning facilitate interethnic reconciliation in the Western Balkans? Blondel, Cyril Scientific Conference , August Blondel, Cyril ; Fournier, Marie in Urbanisme , , Encyclopedia of Urban Studies Are they Categorically Exclusive? Carr, Constance Presentation , November. Complex Sciences Multiple City, Endless City - Stadtentwicklungsfragen.

Hesse, Markus in Kommune , 2 , Umgang mit Stagnation oder Schrumpfung. Hesse, Markus in Planerin , 1 , Globalisierung der Wohnungswirtschaft. Gegenwart und Perspektiven der Geographie in Deutschland Nienaber, Birte Conference given outside the academic context Crampton et Stuart Elden eds , Aldershot, Ashgate, , p. Oesch, Lucas in A contrario , 11 , Velasco Pufleau, Monica Article for general public Finanzplatz Luxemburg. Vom "Steuerparadies" zur Investmentfonds-Kapitale. Wunderheilungen Unserer Lieben Frau von Luxemburg im Perspektiven der Steinkohle im Jahrhundert Helfer, Malte in Geographische Rundschau , 60 1 , Logistics and Freight Distribution in an Urban Context.

Hesse, Markus Book published by Ashgate Reurbanisierung: Urbaner Diskurs, Deutungskonkurrenzen, konzeptionelle Konfusion. Hesse, Markus in Raumforschung und Raumordnung , 66 5 , Schrumpfende oder atmende Stadt? Residential location, mobility and the city: mediating and reproducing social inequity Hesse, Markus ; Scheiner, Joachim in Mobilities and Inequality Fortress Europe or a Europe of Fortresses? Peter Lang Regional currencies — an instrument for sustainable and integrated rural development in a globalised world Nienaber, Birte Scientific Conference , June Soyez, Dietrich ; Schulz, Christian in Geoforum , 39 1 , Fremder Alltag?

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