Model Security Policies, Plans and Procedures

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Within the Information Security Policy, roles and responsibilities have been defined and assigned to specific individuals or groups within its organization. The group is responsible for ensuring compliance with established security policies, processes and security initiatives, and with state and federal regulations. The ISO is responsible for ensuring compliance and adherence to this policy.

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Information Asset Owner IAO : Responsible for approving decisions regarding controls and access privileges, performing periodic reclassification and ensuring regular reviews for value and updates to manage changes to risk. Managers: Managers ensure employees are aware of the relevance and importance of their activities and how they contribute to the achievement of information security objectives.

They also ensure that employees are aware of and comply with all information security policies and procedures of the organization relevant to their role. IT Team: The team is responsible of the following areas related to information security:. The organization has defined the expectation and principles relating to how system setup and credential privileges should be managed.

User accounts and privileges shall be managed correctly to ensure authorized user access to information systems is possible while unauthorized access is not, such as but not limited to:. The IT Team has established procedures to ensure a consistent and effective approach to the management of information security incidents and IT requests, including communication on security events and weaknesses. It enables the efficient and effective management of information security incidents by providing structure for the reporting and management of such incidents.

Information security incidents and IT requests shall be reported promptly and responded to in a quick, effective and orderly manner in order to reduce the negative effect of incidents, to repair damage and to mitigate future risks. Trends will be analyzed to determine if any discernible patterns require further investigation. The IT team has daily meetings where, if necessary, post-mortem and trend analysis is discussed.

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Protranslating has deployed a change management process in order to prevent unintended service disruptions and to maintain the integrity of all company services. Rollback procedures are documented in case there is a need to go back to a previous state, even though change plans are related to minimal marketable features MMF most of the time. Layers of authorization and logging exist so that production changes are controlled and monitored. Only authorized engineers are able to login to central configuration management machines from where production changes can be applied.

Protranslating communicates to different stakeholders when the services might be adversely affected.

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  7. Risk assessments will identify, quantify and prioritize threats that may become relevant to the organization. The results will guide and determine appropriate organization action and priorities for managing information security risks and for implementing controls needed to protect information assets. Details of our selected controls and how they have been implemented and measured are considered confidential information and restricted to Protranslating.

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