Synergistic Collaborations: Pastoral Care and Church Social Work

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We make it our mandate to raise awareness about the extent and nature of the persecution of Christians and how we can help them.

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We do this through the use of our publications, seminars, and workshops, as well as inviting people who have personally been affected to share their first-hand experiences. When you give to ICR, you can rest assured that every dollar will go to minister to persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. We are grateful to all partners and contributors. Our Ministries. Helping Persecuted Christians Millions of Christians around the globe are discriminated against and persecuted on account of their faith in Christ. The reasons for the persecution may be motivated by political, religious, or social factors.

We desire to step in and provide help. Our network in 47 countries enables us to provide quick and effective help and save lives and to provide new opportunities. We do this through medical care, legal assistance, and projects that develop education and income generation. Church Planting Christians face great challenges in countries with restricted freedom of religion.

In collaboration with local partners and networking we are able to create synergies that enable them to help and encourage one another.

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We support indigenous pastors, church planters, ministry and social workers, provide equipping and continuing education opportunities, and make Christian literature and media in their own language available to churches and ministries. We desire to support Christians in living out their faith effectively in the face of difficulties. Humanitarian Aid Many people around the globe suffer as they barely have enough to survive.

Motivated by Christian charity we provide emergency and disaster relief, in order that those in need can begin to rebuild their livelihood. We provide thousands of refugees, children, and those with physical and mental challenges, for example, with a new basis of existence. As a result of networking with local partners we are able to provide quick and effective help.

In the case of disasters like earthquakes or flooding we are able to provide relief within hours.

Pastoral Care and Church Social Work

We also transport relief materials by truck several times a year to the poorest regions of Eastern Europe. In this way tonnes of quality used clothing and other relief goods reach people in need. Human Rights and Religious Freedom We are convinced that people should have the freedom to live out their faith regardless of what country they live in. In fact, this is explicitly stated in article 18 of t he Universal Declaratio n of Human Rights. However, in numerous countries religious minorities, particularly Christians, are restricted from living out their faith.

Synergistic Collaborations: Pastoral Care and Church Social Work

We promote religious freedom through participation in various working groups on freedom of religion and networking at various political levels. It is unacceptable that this basic human right is violated. Most Indian names carry a meaning. Judah Ben hur swoons and falls on the hot sand. Christ appears and gives him refreshing water to drink to the full and he stares at Christ. I love that gesture of blessing people who are mistreated because of their faith in Christ.

I used to keep in touch with their office in New Delhi.

Today, to be a part of ICR, an organization that originated from the ministry of Richard Wurmbrand, is unbelievable. To God be all the glory, laud and honour. Thereafter, I was called to lead a key evangelical ministry based in India until moving to Toronto, Canada in In Canada, I started with a secular organization and moved to a Christian relief and development ministry with a mission to assist struggling families in Africa. I am grateful to God and my mentors for my academic accomplishments — a doctorate in International studies, Leadership programme graduate from Haggai Institute Maui, Fundraising Management from Ryerson University, and very recently graduating from Arrow Executive Leadership course in Abbotsford, BC.


God is always at work everywhere. Our call is not to invent the future but to align with His purposes—joining in what the Father is doing. I find myself privileged and blessed to be involved in the ministry of ICR. Add to GoodReads.

Synergistic Collaborations

Synergistic Collaborations. Synergistic Collaborations is a valuable resource for Christian ministers and social workers seeking to extend outreach ministries and new ways to collaborate with community organizations as they serve hurting people. This unique book combines case studies, theological reflections, reality dialogue questions, personal experiences, and research that broaden readers' understanding of the synergistic relationship that naturally exists between pastoral care ministry and social work practices.

With the aim of ameliorating existing church ministries, this book offers opportunities to build the knowledge base and skills of readers as they explore Christian ministries in relation to the many personal and social problems people face in our rapidly changing culture and society. University Press of America.

Synergistic Collaborations

Copies will arrive soon. Velmarie L. Albertini is associate professor of social work at Southeastern University in Central Florida.