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Hallo Welt.

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EN DE. My search history My favourites. Javascript has been deactivated in your browser. Reactivation will enable you to use the vocabulary trainer and any other programs. Would you like to add some words, phrases or translations? Submit a new entry. Compile a new entry. The weather was slightly hazy , and with about 1 "C still quite cool, but the sun has now shown, and it was really great!

The micro climate is extraordinary, the radiation and the evaporation of water through the plants make for cloudiness. These hazy , dust-free air strengthens the healing power of seawater. Help in the healing and regeneration of the health centers, but also the good restaurants, the swimming pool, tennis, golf courses, riding opportunities and the beautiful excursions.

Unfortunately we were not so lucky.

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It was hazy and now and then the sun emerged from behind the veil clouds only briefly. Medical reversals are practices that have been found to be no better than prior or lesser standards of care, through randomised controlled trials RCTs: studies that aim to reduce certain types of bias when testing new treatments. But it can be difficult to identify these practices. For example, Cochrane Reviews provide high-quality evidence on medical practices, but only one practice is covered in each review and many have not been reviewed in this way.

Additionally, the Choosing Wisely initiative in the US aims to maintain a list of low-value medical practices, but it relies on medical organisations to report them. Their analysis revealed medical reversals from 3, articles. By aiming to test novel treatments rigorously before they become widespread, we can reduce the number of reversals in practice and prevent unnecessary harm to patients. Prasad adds that some limitations need to be taken into account with the results, including the fact that only three general medical journals were studied.

This means the findings may not be broadly generalisable to all journals or fields. Additionally, other researchers may categorise results differently, depending on their expertise. To help overcome this issue, the team invited physicians from a range of backgrounds to review and comment on the practices identified as reversals. Wir stellen Ihnen drei dieser nutzlosen Mittel bzw.

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Diagnoseverfahren vor. Vielleicht haben auch Sie diese schon erhalten. Jahrhundert erforderlich. Wird eine Therapie als wirksam eingestuft, bedeutet dies aber noch lange nicht, dass sie es auch ist. Man spricht in dem Fall von einem Medical Reversal, also einer medizinischen Neuausrichtung.

Die Liste der Medical Reversals ist lang, sie reicht von der autologen Stammzellentransplantation bei Brustkrebs bis hin zur Hormonersatztherapie. Oft bekommen sie sofort Antidepressiva wie Sertralin oder Mirtazapin verschrieben. So haben Patienten von der entsprechenden Behandlungsmethode keinen Nutzen oder erleiden dadurch sogar einen Schaden.

Informieren Sie sich vor der Einnahme von Medikamenten, vor medizinischen Eingriffen und auch vor Vorsorgeuntersuchungen! Neue Behandlungen sollten deshalb viel rigoroser getestet werden, bevor sie verbreitet werden. Rand has opened up about technology such as portals, tachyon healing chambers, pills that rejuvenate, Star Trek-like replicators and beds that bring people back to life.

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Rand Is Not The Only Alleged Insider Rand is not the first person to speak out about this topic as in the past William Tompkins has also talked about out of this world technology, mainly anti-aging medication that was developed by the military and industrial complexes. He said that the technology was made possible as people on Earth worked alongside aliens.

Another man, Corey Goode, talked about a space program that was being held in secret and he said that he spent more than 60 years working in programs that were covert. He also spoke about a replicator machine. When obtaining information from anyone who claims to be an insider, that information has to be taken with a pinch of salt, as it cannot be substantiated by empirical evidence. No one has yet revealed a video that clearly shows a replicator working and no one can say they have been rejuvenated. This means that any information given by the so-called insiders is put in the unconfirmed category as the information also cannot be debunked.

Information Should Be Looked At With An Open Mind An open mind is needed when reviewing the information and at the same time inconsistencies should be watched for as they could be used to refute the information and debunk it. The information below was collected during an interview with Rand during November to January Rand claimed to have verified all of the following technology and its effectiveness as part of a research team and many technologies have been shared covertly between extra-terrestrials and selected people on Earth.

Centers For Learning Rand said that there are mentors who have been trained already so that they can teach others about the real history of the world and the atrocities that happened over the years to make sure they will not be repeated.

Heidegger, Žižek and Revolution

Centers are going to be set up in the USA and each of them will have a large database. Energy Boxes To Power Houses Forever Energy devices that have the base of free energy would be able to give power to a house forever and it would never need to be replaced. Rand said that already there is a , square foot warehouse that houses the units and they will be revealed once opposing economic forces are no longer in place. Cleaning The Environment With Microbes There is an approach available that is like no other said Rand when it comes to environmental cleaning.

He said that oceans, waterways, and soil can be cleaned with a microbe that is million years old. When it has been fermented it has the ability to be able to clean even an oil spill and only leave nitrogen along with oxygen behind. The scooters will be able to carry two people anywhere in the world and it will take just 15 minutes.

Travel would also be possible to off-world planets in just minutes. Essentially a traveler could go for dinner to Europe from North America in a single evening. The function of it was described as jumping through time as the transportation does not move, space around it moves instead. This type of transport means there is no pollution and the people traveling would be protected against crashes.

Star Trek Style Replicators Replicators have been used on Star Trek and these are able to make food, clothing and various other objects, with each replicator specializing in an object. It then goes on to produce the item for the person in a matter of seconds. It was said that any recipe could be made and food produced tastes and looks just like traditionally cooked food. Replicators would help to avoid waste as food could be recycled, along with the containers. The replicator would do away with the need for using the land for agriculture and would not be dependent on the climate and weather and food would be available everywhere.

Resuscitation Chambers Bring Dead Back To Life Resuscitation chambers could bring people who have been dead for a few hours back to life according to Rand. Rejuvenating Pills Pills will be made available for people who want rejuvenation and they will be able to take two pills and be rejuvenated in just 24 hours. Medication Beds Medication beds are beds that people with illnesses or injuries sleep in for a few minutes and they go into a sleep that is deep and while doing so they undertake an atomization process that is painless, which heals the body or recreates a missing body part and rejuvenates.

It is said that the medication bed will be able to reverse decades of aging.

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The beds would scan the body and be managed by healthcare professionals and use tachyon technology along with artificial intelligence. It has been said that the construction of the devices, which will be made available to members of the public, should be protected from politics along with other forces that might be greedy.

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It is planned to make them available to people who suffer from problems and illnesses classed as severe. However, they are going to be made available to everyone in time.