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Any warranty descriptions were intended for US purchasers. About the Author Paul Gore is a retired veterinarian and former military officer living in Oregon. No customer reviews. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon.

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May 18, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. The vintage photo on the cover is awesome!

It appears to be taken from a flight deck with a s Kodak camera- nice and grainy. Had the Kirkus Review been more accurate, my expectations would have been more realistic. This was obviously a big undertaking by Mr.

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Gore, and I do appreciate his efforts. June 2, - Published on Amazon. Good job SO, good job. March 6, - Published on Amazon. Very true.

[PDF] We Were Crewdogs VII - The B Factor: The B Factor | Free eBooks Download - EBOOKEE!

Spent many years in awacs. There are so many stories.

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  4. Someday they will all come out. Oklahoma was a nice place to live and maintain a career.


    June 1, - Published on Amazon. I agree with M. Wilson and ed; this story rings true, brings back many, many memories of my time "growing up" in AWACS during the cold war! Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Excellent, accurate documenting of the B experience One person found this helpful. Largest complement of B and KC squadrons ever neatly nestled behind multiple mountain ranges protected by the Zone boggy man.

    Hugh base with world's largest mega weapon nuclear bomb dump. This perspective only lasted a limited number of years before the accuracy of the ICBM defeated the benefits of the centralized strike force. Facilities were being constructed at various locations to support the scattering of the massive base. I have visited periodically over the last 50 or so years and am always saddened by it's state of desertion.

    The massive multiple B hanger was still there the last time I went. B's are huge but they just looked like toys in compared to the Bs. The electric motors that opened and closed the hanger doors moved on regular full sized railroad tracks. I am only on the first of the series of books so I am hopes I will find in the rest of the series another article from someone who was stationed at Walker before it was dispersed.

    I had wondered how they accomplished converting the E and F to handle line of site bombing and low level flying. I also didn't understand the crew survival frequency in Viet Nam until I discovered via this book that they were flying modified outdated D model aircraft. Since I was assigned to Walker for my entire tour other than for training I had never seen a D model except for a special trip to the scrap yard in the bad lands of northern NM.

    Anyone associated with the B should read at least the first book. Also should be really interesting to Air Force history buffs and military aircraft fans although the jargon gets tricky at times.

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    On Kindle it's really cheap. One person found this helpful. I just finished reading We Were Crewdogs-I and it brought back many memories of the days of the Cold War while I was stationed in Alaska and watching aircraft lining up and taking off in a cloud of black smoke. It was pretty scary not knowing if this was the real McCoy or not.

    I had a lot of respect for those guys who not only put their lives on the line but gave so much being away from families. These were dangerous times and many people not associated with these missions were totally unaware of the gravity of those situations not only to the lives of those crews but as to why they stood alert and went as soon as the horns went off.

    God Bless that generation of Americans who did what they had to do. I definitely have to get the next series II-V and do a little more reliving of that period in time. I highly recommend picking this up and acquaint yourselve as to why SAC was in existence and what it meant to be a Crewdog.. I was born in the early s so I obviously do not have a lot of first hand knowledge of the cold war. As a kid in the s I remember wondering if we were all going to be blown up one day. That caused me to be interested in the people who were tasked with manning the bombers and missiles.

    I have always been very curious about what went into flying the B and how the crews worked together.

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    This book gives the different crew members perspectives into life on a B crew. The book is a compilation of many different stories as told by different B crew members. The stories shed light on what went into flying the B, the different stresses of being on alert, some of the social issues, and how the crews functioned as a team. Some of the stories are just plain funny.

    It was an enjoyable read. I was too young at the time to grasp the significance of what he did. As I got older, our relationship wasn't so good, so I never asked. I am ashamed of that now. Thank you for putting together this collection that gives me a glimpse of what he did.

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    Published 4 months ago. Published 1 year ago. We all play a role. Some do it better then others for good reason.