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Every single one of Jayne's nerve-endings stood at attention with a combination of shock and horror. Jayne had only seen the woman once.

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At Rich's apartment. Days before their wedding. A living, breathing Barbie doll in lingerie. Today, the woman's modest Wedgwood-blue dress and smart cap-sleeved white jacket were one hundred and eighty degrees from the black push-up bra with a bow at the center and the lace-trimmed leggings she'd worn at Rich's place.

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The pristine white headband securing long, straightened blonde. Rich was getting married, and his sisters were throwing a bridal shower for the woman their brother had cheated on her with. How could his sisters bring her here? It was as if Jayne had never existed in their lives. As if she hadn't spent every Sunday having brunch at their parents' house or helped paint Grace's kids' bedrooms or a hundred other things Jayne had done with them. She shoved her book into her purse, ripped out a twenty-dollar bill from her wallet and tossed the money on the table.

The amount was double the cost of her tea and scones, but for once she didn't care about wasting a few dollars. Not someone, but Grace, Rich's oldest sister—the one person in his family who'd called after the breakup to see how Jayne was faring. Torn between what she wanted to do and what she should do, she looked over to see a very pregnant Grace. The concern in her eyes—eyes the same color and shape as Rich's—pricked Jayne's heart. She gave her almost-sister-in-law a pained, hesitant smile.

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That was all she could manage at the moment. She had no idea what Grace wanted, but only one thing, one horrible thought, sprang to mind. No way could Jayne allow herself to be introduced to that woman. The other woman. The future Mrs.

Rich Strickland. A potent dose of anxiety fueled Jayne's already desperate panic. She mouthed I'm sorry to the fast approaching Grace, turned and fled. The next day, Grace Strickland Cooper stood at the sink in her parents' kitchen after her family's weekly get-together for Sunday brunch. Must be his turn to wash. Tristan MacGregor stopped drying a saucepan and stared into the familiar brown eyes of his best friend's oldest sister.

Grace motioned with wet hands to her bulging baby-filled stomach. I'm exactly what an adventurous photo-journalist wants to wake up next to every morning. Laughing, she rinsed out a soapy pot. You never did. He avoided serious relationships, but he liked having fun. Lately he'd found himself comparing the women he met to an unattainable ideal.

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All rights reserved. Jayne sank in her chair, feeling as buoyant as a deflated hot air balloon. At least not for her. Too bad she wasn't hungry. No sense wallowing in the past. Her teacup clinked against the saucer as she placed it on the table. A perfect place for a honeymoon, she thought with a twinge of regret.

No regrets. She straightened. Jayne Having a great time! Love, Serena and Jonas The number of exclamation points brought a smile to Jayne's lips. A life Jayne was still living. Oh, no. There she was. The reason Jayne was still single and her three friends were now married. She forced her gaping mouth closed. The pristine white headband securing long, straightened blonde locks was a far cry from the bed-tousled hair that had left no room for misinterpreting what had been going on between two consenting adults.

But it was her.

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The woman's flushed cheeks were exactly the same. And so were Jayne's feelings of betrayal. Not a baby shower, she realized, stricken to the heart. A wedding shower. Jayne struggled to breathe. Look away, she told herself. But, like a moth drawn to a flame, Jayne couldn't.

The scene was surreal and eerily familiar. A lot like her own bridal shower. Tears stung her eyes.

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A lump formed in her throat. For them.

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For Rich. Having him betray her was one thing—but his entire family, too? Her stomach roiled. Jayne thought she might be sick. Self-preservation instincts kicked in.